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What Have I Done Wrong?

Just when you think you are doing everything right, something bad happens. Imagine working on your site day in day out. Imagine following all the useful expert advice you can get. One day, you’ve reached the top thanks to all your efforts. Then suddenly, your ranking drops.

You checked your traffic, it is going down as well. You start to panic. You don’t know what hit you. It feels like all your hard work, all the time you spent working on your site is now going down the drain.

Then you spoke to an expert or someone who has been there. And then you learn the most likely scenario: you have been hit by a Google penalty.

When you’re hit by a Google penalty there is one thing you should know: it’s not yet the end of the world. It happens to the best of marketers and business owners. There is no shame in being penalized by Google. And it is a hole that is not impossible to get out of. So don’t panic.

What you should do instead is to talk to an expert. Someone who can help you get out of the situation you are in. Someone like us. At C4, we have in-house strategists who can help you recover from a Google penalty and make your site rise in the rankings again.

So are you asking, “how can I recover from a Google penalty?” There are basically two things you can do. You can try to solve the problem on your own. There are books that you can read and courses you can take that can help you recover from a Google penalty.

But that will take up a lot of your time and money. The best thing you can do is go to us directly. We can help you recover from a Google penalty in the fastest way possible. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can count on us to help you get out of the bind you are in.

Google Penalty Explained

In real life, you get a penalty or you get punished if you have done something wrong. The Google penalty is the same. If your site violates a rule by Google then the search engine will slap you with a penalty.

Google does not like it when it feels like you are cheating the system or when you are trying to cut corners or even if you are over optimizing your site. Sometimes, Google may feel like a site has done something wrong even if it has not so it decides to penalize the site anyway.

You really can’t do anything if Google decides to penalize your site.

You just need to follow the rules right? That is easier said than done. Google changes its algorithms hundreds of times every year. And when it does, it also implements new rules. It’s hard to keep up with the new rules that Google implements.

If you break these rules – even if you don’t intend to or even if you don’t know they exist – you’ve got to pay the price. It sounds harsh but that’s the reality you have to deal with if you want your site to rank on Google.

Ignoring Google is not an option because it is the biggest search engine in the world.

So how do you keep up with all of the changes in Google? Well, you can’t. It’s quite impossible to keep up with hundreds of updates every year. At the very least, however, you need to learn about the major updates because these are the ones that have a big impact on your website.

Panda, Hummingbird, Possum, Penguin: these are just some of the major Google updates that you need to know about. Familiarizing yourself with these updates can help you avoid being slapped with a Google penalty.

You really can’t blame Google for implementing all of these changes. In fact, you should be thankful for them. Because of these changes, Google is able to weed out low-quality websites. So in theory, if you have a high-quality website then you have nothing to fear.

Google Penalties Come in Two Types

The two types of Google penalties that you need to know about are:

Algorithmic Penalties

These penalties are meted out automatically. Google’s algorithm has the ability to identify sites that are not complying with its rules. When it discovers a non-compliant site, it automatically penalises the site.

Manual Penalties

These are enforced by Google’s human reviewers. There are cases when an algorithm cannot decide if it should penalise a suspected site or not. That’s when a human reviewer is called in.

C4 offers a Google penalty assessment service. So if you have reason to believe that Google has penalised your website, then you can come to us. What we do is analyze your site’s profile to determine the following:

  • If Google has penalised your website
  • The type of penalty imposed on your site if Google has indeed penalised it
  • The best way to get the penalty removed so you can restore your site’s former status
  • The best way to avoid getting penalised by Google again

Get in Touch with Us to Get a FREE Google Penalty Assessment

Have you been penalised by Google? It is quite hard to find out for sure. But we can help. We can do a Google penalty assessment for your site. And the best thing about it is that we are giving away this service for free.

It’s only for a limited time though so you need to hurry up. All you need to do is to submit your details and we will take it from there. We can determine if you have been penalised by Google or not.

If yes, we can identify what type of penalty it is. Then we can help you to get rid of the penalty. We will also help you avoid getting penalised by Google again.

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