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How does C4 optimize websites for SEO?

Posted by: callum

As your SEO service provider, our 360-degree approach to SEO includes focusing on:

Page speed:You can bet that if your page takes longer than three seconds to load, users will leave your site and go to another page that loads faster.  This is an important SEO element because it helps users have a great experience and Google appreciates it.

Multimedia inclusion:Your website should not have too many words. This will cause your visitors to become disengaged and bored. This can be avoided and will keep your users engaged on your pages longer.Images are one example of elements.Videos, graphics, and audio. These interactive elements allow users to engage fully with your content.

Responsive for all devices:It is important that you ensure your smartphone and tablet users have the same experience on their devices as they do on their desktops.Website responsive. This means your photos will look great on mobile devices and forms will be easy to fill out even on small screens. This is a big plus for site visitors, and sends Google great signals about your website.

High quality content:Talk aboutHigh-quality contentIf you want to get high-quality backlinks, you must create it. Your website must be well-maintained.Provides contentWith a high word count (Google loves long text), easy to readability, quick load speed and unique information. All of these signals send great signals to Google, helping you rank higher on the results pages.

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